Six Flags Magic Mountain To Close Iconic 36-Year-Old Wooden Coaster ‘Colossus’

CBS Los Angeles

VALENCIA ( — The king of wooden roller coasters will soon be no more.

Six Flags Magic Mountain has announced that Colossus, at one point the fastest and tallest wooden coaster in the world, will close after 36 years.

Colossus, still one of the largest wooden coasters in existence, opened on June 29, 1978. The big, white coaster is one of the most recognizable rides of Magic Mountain, sitting front and center of the park’s land, and easily identifiable from the 5 freeway.

For many Southern Californians, Colossus, the first coaster to feature two drops of 100 feet, was the first major coaster they had ever been on, and they consider the ride’s closing the end of an era.

“I’m so sad that it’s closing,” park goer Sable Williams said. “I remember when I was a kid, and I used to go on the ride, and I went with my…

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